Know Your Target Audience

Are you paying attention to your target audience? If you are not, its time to start because you might be speaking to the wrong folks. The best restaurant marketing ideas and plans begin with knowing your target audience.

Make sure your website’s content speaks and relates to the right people by considering factors like your location, culture, or your food.

Marketing ideas for your target audience

A restaurant, bakery, or catering service that offers services near a stadium, a college, office hub or a beach would have totally different crowds. Don’t be shy to use a few slang words in your content like LOL, BRB, BFFL etc, if they relate to your audience. Have a photographer take pictures of your crowd having a good time at your restaurant and post them on your website and social media. This lets them know that they are welcome and your restaurant is a comfortable space for them to hang out and have a bite. A customer in an environment they can relate to, feels comfortable, orders more and stays longer ?.

So what are you waiting for?  Speak to them.

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