4 Ways Restaurant Owners Can Increase Productivity

4 Ways Restaurant Owners Can Increase Productivity

As a restaurant owner, it is your goal to have your restaurant run smoothly and efficiently. One of the worst situations is to provide a terrible experience to customers and your employees because hey, they are your bread and butter! I have gathered a few productivity tips for restaurant owners out there. These tips are definitely something to think about when running a restaurant.

1. Integrated Online Ordering

Think about this scenario. Your employee receives a phone order at rush hour. The customer places the order and as your employee is about the run the card, the customer decides that they no longer want the 3 fried rice orders they just ordered. They want something else.  Geez. Now, your employee starts the order all over again. What a waste of time! Having an integrated online ordering system in your website cuts down on the back and forth and countless hours spent on the phone because your customers can place their order online by themselves. How cool is that?

2. Invest in Employee Training

Even though training can be pretty expensive, it is a great investment. I once heard on a podcast that “training provides a company full of leaders” and it is very true. In the restaurant industry, it is much less of a hassle to hire from within so you will be making a great investment molding employees for any management role that comes along. Training whether online or in person provides employees with better hospitality tools and individual growth so it really is a great investment. Do make sure to evaluate your training program to see what works and what doesn’t. A great resource I stumbled across for online training was Typsy.com. They provide short online courses on hospitality from experts.  Try it out!

3. Motivate and Empower Employees

Just a few minutes of a pep talk before a shift gives employees a great start to the day and keeps them efficient, knowledgeable and cheerful to guests throughout the day.

4. Show That You Care

Plain and simple – it goes a long way.

Well, that’s all I have today. Let me know some of the things you do in your restaurant to provide your employees and guests the awesome experiences.

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